Making a positive difference through community engagement

Service Learning

“Service learning is playing an ever-greater role in the education process, combining learning objectives and service objectives with the intent that both the recipient and the provider of the service benefit from the interaction. This is accomplished by combining service tasks with structured opportunities that link the tasks to self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition of values, technical skills, and knowledge. In the process, it also addresses your school’s responsibility for public engagement.” (Oxford University Press)

Research shows that service learning helps students by:
  • Promoting learning through active participation in service experiences
  • Providing structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing and writing about their service experience
  • Providing students with opportunities to use new skills and knowledge in real-life situations
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom and into the community
  • Fostering a sense of caring for others
Service learning strengthens both education and communities by:
  • Building effective collaborative partnerships between schools or colleges and other institutions and organizations
  • Engaging parents and other adults in supporting student learning
  • Meeting community needs through the service projects conducted
  • Providing engaging and productive opportunities for young people to work with others in their community (Learn and Serve America)

Our programmes address the experiential learning outcomes of various curricula, including: